Beer Tap Plugs Brush, Beer Faucet Cleaning Plug Hygiene Brush Plugs for Draft Beer Faucet Cap - 15 Pack (15PCS)



great fit on standard beer faucets Perlick and intertap and so on Brush keeps inside of faucet clean Leave on Faucet when not in use to keep out bugs ☆Safety and Health - The beer faucet brush is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.Our beer faucet brushes are made of healthy and harmless materials that do not pose any threat to the composition of the beer itself and do no harm to the human body. ☆Convenient Cleaning - The beer faucet pulg brush fits with different kinds of beer tap sizes.It is also easy to clean by adding a disinfectant to the water before use, then soaking it in water for a while and then taking it out for use. ☆High Quality - Featuring a new strengthening technology,the bristles of beer brushes are tightly entwined in twisted wire, so don't worry about flying hair. ☆Easy to Use - Before close of business, simply insert the plug into your beer tap opening to keep your beer from flies, dust and other contaminates. While the brush can help to clean taps by removing sediment for better tasting brew.
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